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These PowerPoint template kits are for your use only!  They can be used for any presentation your are creating, for yourself or for a client.  They may not be distributed, sold, or displayed on the Web by anyone except me.
To download, double-click on the EXE file in any of the selections below, specify where you want them saved, click "Okay", "Unzip", "Okay", and "Close".
Each template includes a matching button file (JPG or PNG format) which you can insert in your presentation where needed, apply brief text, and assign an action or hyperlink. 
Click on a thumbnail below to see an enlarged version.
Click here to download all of the templates on this page
SC_templates10.exe (520 KB)
Blue Dapple Blue Frame
Blue Dapple
Blue Frame
Black Wash Red Smoke
Black Wash
Red Smoke
Brick Fern Simple Red
Brick Fern
Simple Red
Simple Blue Simple Silver
Simple Blue
Simple Silver